Hey Mumma Wolf.

Mumma Wolf is a project which aims to empower families with mindfulness, yoga and a connection with nature.

From pregnancy through to the teenage years we offer specifically tailored classes that focus on breath and movement, reconnecting families with themselves, as well as the natural world. Classes start nurturing a mindful journey into parenthood with Hypnobirthing, for a calm and controlled birthing experience; Pregnancy Yoga to enhance health and wellbeing for expectant Mothers, as well as Baby and Postnatal Yoga enabling bonding and post-birth recovery. As families transition into the toddler years and childhood we offer Family Yoga classes which introduce mindfulness and yoga to our young friends, while encouraging physical development and emotional regulation: we also specialise in offering these classes to children with Autism and ADHD. At this stage we also offer a mindful parenting coaching service.

At every step of the journey we strive to cause as little impact to the planet as possible, and use resources, such as cork yoga mats and play silks that will enable families to think of how they can make small changes to their own consumer choices that will benefit the environment.