Pregnancy Services

Mumma Wolf pregnancy services consist of two core elements: pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing offers a method of birthing which focuses on deep relaxation and self-hypnosis to enable Mothers to remain deeply relaxed during their birthing journey. This allows the birthing muscles to function to their best capacity, Mother and baby to remain calm, and the need for medical intervention to be limited to special circumstances. This allows a Mother to enjoy her birthing day and empowers her to retain calm control. Pregnancy Yoga prepares the body for birth physically, as well as teaching breathing techniques and mindfulness practise that are used on the birthing day. It also facilitates mother-baby bonding before the baby is in their parent’s arms. These services normally operate over six one-hour sessions, pregnancy yoga is best practised for several runs throughout pregnancy.

Post-Natal & Baby Yoga

Post Natal Yoga offers a space which is judgement free for new Mums: a community of sharing and support, but also a physical practise that encourages Mothers not to judge or overwork their changing bodies and minds. Gentle asana which are safe for all encourage healing after pregnancy and birth, both mentally and physically; while breathing techniques and relaxation teach Mothers how to invite calm into their lives. We combine this Mother-centred yoga practise with yoga that involves babies aged from six weeks to crawling. This develops the core reflexes and systems which a human body is learning to use in these early weeks and months of life. Mother and baby both benefit from this gentle, and engaging class. After little ones start crawling, we also offer a class for crawlers, shufflers and rolling bubs that focus on fun for little ones, while squeezing in some yoga for Mums in these challenging and lovely months. For baby’s comfort, these sessions are an hour long.

Kids’ and Families Yoga

Kids and Families Yoga is where mindfulness and connection can begin becoming a really active part of family life. In today’s fast paced world of technology, demanding working lives, and performance pressure many people, both children and adults, are experiencing the negative effects of stress and anxiety. Physical fitness is becoming an issue for many young people, leading to skeletal and muscular posture issues, health issues; and poor core strength is leading to many children finding it hard to retain positive sitting posture. Parents can find it hard to connect with their own little people, and many families find they have little-to-no engagement with nature. Mumma Wolf Family Yoga offers a chance for yogis of all ages to connect with their bodies, with their minds and with each-other. We use story-telling, games and creative visualisation to teach families to be present in the moment, which reduces stress and improves emotional regulation. Postures and games offer a chance to strengthen muscles, and raise the heartrate in a way that is accessible and non-competitive. Relaxing visualisations and guided meditations also give parents a toolkit of calm parenting to take home with them. As of June 2019 we will also be specialising in bringing these skills to families and young people who have special educational needs; with a particular focus on ADHD and Autism. Mumma Wolf takes every opportunity to educate families on the natural world, and encourages engagement with nature promoting a lifestyle that invites positive change for the environment.

We offer a range of sessions, from 20 minute story-telling pop-ups, 1.5 hour family sessions, hour-long parent and toddler groups, to day-long rewilding mini-retreats that will immerse families in the world of nature and mindfulness. Our sessions can be tailor made for specific venue and audience requirements.