Upcoming classes & events

Alternative Education Yoga Club

Inclusive, free and fun yoga for parents and their home schooled, or alternatively educated children.

Thursdays at 2:45-3:45, The Zen Den Yoga Studio, Norwich.

With Home Ed Yoga you can expect both fun energy, and calm! We will take the time to make learning the yogic asana fun through games and play; while also inviting calm mindfulness with breathing and relaxation. Each class with be adapted to the needs and ages of attendees, no matter their age, ability or special educational needs, so please do book in advance. 

Calm Club

A group for young people aged between 6 and 9 to wind down and build community with yoga, games and mindfulness. 

Thursdays at 4:00-5:00 , The Zen Den Yoga Studio, Norwich.

A group for young people to own their space, build a community and play with yoga. There will be fun asana game, breath work, and we will begin learning deep relaxation and meditation skills. This club is perfect for all regardless of ability, and will be of particular benefit to young people wishing to build confidence both physically and socially.

Mumma: Relax

A chance for anyone who identifies as a Mother, or an expectant Mother to relax with aromatherapy, light stretching, breath work and deep relaxation.

Fridays at 7:00-8:00pm, The Zen Den Yoga Studio, Norwich. 

This is a chance for women to unite in their calm. We will have the opportunity to share in our experience of Motherhood, relax our bodies and relieve tension through light stretching, harness calm through our breathing, and then be guided through a relaxing meditation. Relaxation will be enriched with the use of luxurious aromatherapy and relaxation music. Please bring your favourite cushion and blanket if you would like to.